Thursday, December 10, 2009

A little warm breeze from last May...

Now here is a another feel of why Allison Sattinger's house concert was incredible back in May ... until next time... thanks to Jeremy for taping this Redlands concert.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why a house concert?

Well the intimacy of the event will make you at first uncomfortable. You don't know why these people have opened their house, and will I look like a lush to bring a bottle of wine? Then the artist, I kind of know their music or I know nothing of their music.. both are so common in the decision anxiety. What if they suck, I'll be so noticeable if I'm bored.

Yep, I can not cure your anxieties; I have my own. What if I screw up the time again? Why don't the people I expect to show, show? Boy it would be nice if the artist had friend locally that would fill up the room. My God, what if I fart by accident... it happened 35 years ago and Lori won't let me forget it. HA.

Then think of the artist... wow, people so close they could see my pores. What if the host is a raving jerk, a controlling loud mouth? I'm sure the room will suck and the bed will be hard.

Gracious, why do these things even happen. Grace happens. We love the emotion the artist brings if the story moves fast or slow. We meet friends who both drink too much and too little, so we fit. We find out that Dave is the most gentlest soul who is in contol of his flatuence.

Now that brings me to an intimate video of a house concert with Amy Speace. I have no idea the attendance, if she wowed them with her "Love in Double Wide Trailer"... I just know I would have had a better sound system, and that I think I might want to try the wine they had.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wow... what a memory...

Hey when you progam organizer is a dolt for not confirming all the details, especially the small things like the starting time... isn't it great he and the audience can stretch and entertain.

Heather was again incredible, and here she is in a tape for the house concert the night before in Chicago:

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Quick Update

Hey it's been a while since I let you into my life. We have our boy in college, and while I've seen hiim on weekends; it's strange not to know what's going on in his life each day.

Heather Waters is paying a return visit to Bluff View Concerts tomorrow, and I've got to get vacumming. HA... instead I'm writing this blog. Hey.. these house concerts are a great thing. They always make you nervous if anyone will show, but they seem to all work out. Heather is number eight, and I've got a few surprises for the audience and me next year. Sounds like I've got a commitment from The Pines in Jan/Feb, Tori Sparks at the end of May, and now Drew Nelson in October.... One more and I'll have the four I like to book a year. I would always try to add a close friend if they are traveling through... heck worse case scenario on a Tuesday night I might get 6 people and we'll shoot the breeze together. HA.

All kidding asside, Heather is incredible and I have a few people traveling or trying to get here from 1/2 hour to 2 hours away. Wish them luck.

Tori comes to me from a mailing and when I started watching and listening to her I said "WOW".. after I booked her Allison Sattinger also told me she's shared the stage with her and we'll love her.

The Pines... these guys just signed with Red House records. I really don't deserve booking such an up and coming act, but they're interested. We saw them at the Big Top in August during the Simply Folk Anniversary Show. One kid sings like a young Bob Dylan, and the other one has that great back woods sound that makes you want to listen to the stories. Oh yeah and their also rich in connections with Greg Brown from Iowa.

Drew Nelson... again a person who mailed me a CD and I completely fell in love with it. Great voice and great story writing in his songs, so I watched a few of his videos and I was sold.

Now the biggest change is that there are two male headliners... Ouch there goes my persona.

Now maybe someday Samantha will drive thru... it's funny, I love her music as a change, but my wife doesn't like that style. I'll have to work on that one if the opportunity arrises. HA.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Heather Waters Sunday Oct 4th 3:00

Heather Waters comes back to Holmen and the Bluff View Concerts October 4th at 3:00. Yes it is a Sunday but the Packers and the Vikings play on Monday night. Now back to Heather... what to say... she blew us away in the second ever Bluff View House concert. (Sue's Mark who has seen all but one, said Heather was the best one.) She came with Rich McCulley a servicable guitarist, but her voice on that old Elvis style mic took over the room. I love to compare it to what it must have been like to listen to Patsy Cline live. Heather's music is what I would classify as Americana. That's more like alternative country pop.... it just doesn't fit but I think it's better than both. She has spent time in Nashville and Boston and now resides in Los Angeles. What a spark plug too, she is a live wire and a hoot. She won't check anything at the door and you wouldn't want her to.

Heather this time is coming with Chuck Lee Bramlett who played on her wonderful CD Propeller; the CD I consider the Best CD I bought last year.... and I promise I get a lot of music.

Here's a map...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Diamond in her mind

She blew away the Bluff View Concert audience away last time, and it was right after she had released Propeller. I hadn't had a chance to get it before the concert... but wow... it went on to become the Zemmy CD of the Year. This song, Diamond in your Mind was one of the finest, and it does show Heather's intelligence at finding the right song. I love to songwrite, but I know 100% of my songs aren't the best and if I had a voice like Heather's I'd be looking for material to cover. It was only today that I found it was written by the master, Tom Waits with Kathleen Brennan. I have to ask Heather where she finds her material. I know this little unkown songwriter who can't sing worth the sh.... HA.

Oh yeah, the guy in the video is the guitarist who will be touring with Heather this fall, Chuck Lee Bramlett. Next up, here is the YouTube that posted who wrote the song... boy it's fun to contrast the two versions.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Updated our calendar at:

Concerts in Your Home. com..... Fran does a great job promoting it.

And when I host Tori Sparks in May 2010 it will be the first time I booked someone who found me from the site.

Remember next UP... a return visit of Heather Waters.... Sunday Oct. 4th, the day before Brett Favre loses to the Packers on MNF... Here she is with her bare butt.... (now that likely will get this blog alot of hits... HA)


Friday, July 17, 2009

What a night..

What a night and tonight besides being graced by friends,

wonderful new audience (beforehand thought as strangers), incredibily gifted musicians... we had a gifted photographer in Melissa Kay McCarthy. She is also a local musician who will show up tonght at the Bluff View Bash block party. It ought to be fun. She is quite the photographer.... I might have to tell her that any time she shows, I'll pay her admission. Here is a link to the rest of the pictures.

Video Calendar

Tonight Friday July 17th at 7:30 Becky Shlegel

Sunday October 4th 3:00 Heather Waters... (don't worry the Packers are beating the Vikings on the 5th on Monday Night Football)

Here is a recent post of Heather with the guitarist that will be traveling with her, Chuck Lee Bramlett. Here is the first song I fell in love with from Heather.

Tori Sparks Sunday May 29th 7:30, yes 2010... here is a little what you can expect when she's up all day and playing in a hotel lobby at 1:00... can it get any better?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Map.. and 6 days

Here's a map...

Now Becky has generated some calls and reservations from who I hope will make return visits in the future... still plenty of room.

Here she shows off that old traditional country voice.

news.... Tory Sporks is now booked May 29th 2010

Saturday, June 27, 2009

poster July 17th

Please print it out and share it! Thanks

Congrats Allison!

Steady Heart was nominated for Best Contemporary Album by Just Plain Folks Boy a recognized just a small percentage of names in these lists... I better get listening.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Becky Schlegel Friday July 17th

Yes... It's confirmed and with my shortest time to promote... less than a month to tell you this lady, Becky Schlegel who sings as clear as Allison Krause, writes with passion, covers great country ballads, tours with a wonderful instrumentalist, and could I dare say, drop dead has a look of an angel. She and Brian are coming to the Bluff View Friday July 17th, the last summer she still lives in Minneapolis since she's moving to Nashville. I first saw her at the Great River Folk Fest in 2008. She is good... and instantly Lori and I knew we would love to host her in a concert. I have a great iTunes song of her singing a cover of Greg Brown's Early with Garrison Keilor during one of her visits to the Prairie Home Companion.

Suggested donation will be $12... and who knows if we'll have food before or after, but plan a night out at the Bluff View... weather permitting... a bonfire after outside, but don't worry the concert is INSIDE in AIR conditioning.


Monday, June 1, 2009

Spoon River

Sometimes you get caught up in history by the love of a song, especially when it's well done. That's how the subconsicious has been since Allison Sattinger and Matt Coleman covered Michael Smith's Spoon River at my recent house concert.

I forgot that 20 years ago we saw a Viterbo College play based on the Edgar Lee Master's Spoon River Anthology, and I forgot how rich the writing was in the novel. Now I am no reader but I intend to spend some time at Lately my writing time has dwindled to dust time, so I think I need to read and write again. I think I'm going to give up listening to music... HA... well maybe less..

Go to that site... it's cool.. this the most talked about poem written in 1915...

VERY well, you liberals,
And navigators into realms intellectual,
You sailors through heights imaginative,
Blown about by erratic currents, tumbling into air pockets,
You Margaret Fuller Slacks, Petits,
And Tennessee Claflin Shopes--
You tound with all your boasted wisdom
How hard at the last it is
To keep the soul from splitting into cellular atoms.
While we, seekers of earth's treasures
Getters and hoarders of gold,
Are self-contained, compact, harmonized,
Even to the end.

Then there is a video:

2008 RELEASE! A new look at a classic of the American heartland, which unraveled the myths about people who lived and died in the supposedly idyllic days of rural America. Director Thomas G. Smith has digitally remastered his original 1976 production, which captured Edgar Lee Masters’ lyrical realism with dramatic readings, authentic settings, and period photography. Smith's brand-new DVD adds nearly half an hour of new material exploring Masters' life and works, and includes interviews with John Hallwas, a Masters expert at the University of Western Illinois, and Hilary Masters, Edgar Lee Masters' son and a professor of English and creative writing at Carnegie-Mellon University.

In "Spoon River Anthology," Masters probed beneath life's surfaces to reveal the very human strengths and weaknesses of the people who inhabited his semi-fictional town. Smith's production, subtitled "Heartland Poetry for a New Age," shows why "Spoon River" was a major milestone in American literature - a book of poetry that was a national best-seller, and that still resonates nearly a century after its publication. DVD includes text versions of 11 poems. Click on the text version to go directly to the dramatic reading.

And if you want to hear the song covered by Allison & Matt.. email me and I'll send you the song free if you promise to go buy an Allison, Matt, or Michael Smith song on iTunes... or just go straight and buy the Michael Smith song on iTunes by Claudia Schmidt and you will have the version Allison listened to.

All of the riverboat gamblers are losing their shirts
All of the brave union soldier boys sleep in the dirt
But you know and I know there never was reason to hurt
When all of our lives were entwined to begin with
Here in Spoon River

All of the calico dresses, the gingham and lace
Are up in the attic with grandfather's derringer case
There's words whispered down in the parlor, a shadowy face
The morning is heavy with one more beginning
Here in Spoon River

Come to the dance Mary Perkins I like you right well
The union's preserved, if you listen you'll hear all the bells
There must be a heaven, God knows I've seen mostly hell
My rig is outside, come and ride through the morning
Here in Spoon River

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Last night was wonderful

Let's see the normal pressures were there... the band was running late... a few people called late and said they couldn't make it... twice during the day I ran into people who thought it was an outside concert and it was raining all day... I thought all these things spelled doom... even Allison admitted later she was having a day leaving her sister after two short days... but all the hassles evaporated and a great night was had by all!

I loved the fact that Allison, Matt and Phil fell in love with Claudia Schmidt's version of Spoon River and covered it as a surprise to me... the recording worked out fantastic... what a piece of gold from the night.

I even had my nephew and his neighbor drive 2 1/2 hours to catch the second set; that plus a few new guests I hope we made a lasting impression with and join us for many more concerts. Here are a few pictures from the night.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Map.. and 5 mere hours

Here's a map...

And here's an old gospel song... yep they have interests ranging from old school to 80's music to cool originals touched with a little beebop.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Out of the woodwork

I was just telling Clay last night that artist are coming out of the woodwork just like ants in spring. Venessa Peters had emailed me about an October date, and after she sent me her cd... I really want to, but I'm concerned about of all things... an audience.

People of LaCrosse, Onalaska, and Holmen... I am willing to open my house if you show up more.

Right now we're talking about spring 2010.

Friday, May 15, 2009

So Much Grace

I am so pumped to know it's only a mere days until Allison will grace Bluff View Concerts with her presence... oh yeah and Matt & Phil too. I got her permission to put a photo montage together of her wonderful song ... I do feel full of Grace everyday.

This is a Gospel tinged song, but Allison's music is more of a pop acoustic jazz feel, still is a wonderful song that many Christian groups should consider covering.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Get Ready

Now while I've been making a big deal about getting a mid week stop between the Twin Cities and Chicago, I just want to scream from the cliff tops, "People you just don't know what you're missing not to stop by..."

So ... stop over to or email me at ... just do it already.

Her tour stops are at

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A fellow blogger had this to say...


Allison Sattinger
For the past several months, I have been listening to singer songwriter Allison Sattinger. I first found her among Terra Naomi's top MySpace friends. I figured if she was liked by one of my favorite YouTube-turned-major-label artists, I would probably like her as well. After listening to all the songs on her MySpace playlist and watching nearly every video on her YouTube account, I realized that "like" was the wrong word—I absolutely adore this woman's music.

Allison's lyrics are heartfelt and her music is piano pop with a Gospel edge. She writes about life, love, and love lost. No matter what she's singing, whether an original or cover, you always believe everything that passes her lips. Recently she did a cover of Billy Joel's "For the Longest Time" that had me in tears. Reading the comments posted beneath the YouTube video, I found I was not the only one touched by her rendition of the song.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

more to come...

Suffice to say... these pictures give you the range of emotions and songs you will get on Heather's return... classic country, raucous rock, and shy (yes even from Heather) ballads.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Allison Sattinger May 27th 7:00

In some respects, I still can't believe this woman I befriended thru myspace will be the 6th concert in our fledgling house concert series. What's that old adage, set a lofty goal, and you might achieve it? I could have that wrong, gracious ask Lori I mess up the English language more than George Bush does. So Allison coming made me want to escape the limits of MySpace to advertise the event. I'm splashing it all over, and I'm sure to hear, "A Wednesday Night?"... ah yes the fate of being a small town is not getting the big weekends but the talent... wow...., so tell me after the event that it's the best Wednesday night concert you have ever been too, and so when's the next.

Now back to Allison; here's what's on the poster:

Allison brings a soft acoustic feel that will remind you of a young Joni Mitchell on keyboards. Matt is a whiz on the guitar, and sounds a lot like Kenny Rankin. Here is one review of Allison's first cd: "Where to begin...Well, I believe I will start at the strongest point, the voice! Allison Sattinger has an incredibly strong voice, vocals laden with eloquent phrasing and power, that also approach with an amazing subtlety. She has a voice that could calm the most erratic soul, and at times be able to invoke passion and desire into her listeners." My favorites range from her gospel tinged "So Much Grace" to playful delight "Sugar Daddy" She is on a cross country 2nd CD tour. LA to PA, and Holmen has a middle date.

Now what isn't... Allison has been like family over the last two plus years of friendship thru MySpace. Just like real friends we've lived through happy and sad times, and have supported each other during both. Weird, maybe to some but Allison exudes love in her life and her blogs. She is a wonderful jewelry and leather craftsman and a big seller on Her and her husband Anthony just moved to Northern California, and her musical brother Matt and her have posted numerous wonderful videos over at so you should go watch them all. If Matt is her musical brother, I have laid claim to adopted Uncle.

I have many other lofty goals, including getting someone to cover Allison's "So Much Grace." It is a marvelous song that I think she's going to share with Tim, Paula, and Shelly singing harmony.

Finally here's a video from one of their last tours... This song is my request list: