Sunday, May 30, 2010

We're on FACEBOOK come and be our friend... and tell everyone to come to EVERY Concert... make artist recommendations... and just network. I'm not going to be a bother... I promise to use this site only for Music announcements. I might do a listening note once a week as a promotion to other artists.

I have a different account to post when I wake up in the morning and what I'm cooking that night... HA.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tori Sparks concert Cancelled

Hey... I guess when you start having a bunch of concerts something like this comes up. I kind of talked to Tori today.. my goodness her voice is shot. It is a week a way, but I could not force her to risk ruining her carreer over a little house concert. She can't even fill up a hand for the concerts she's cancelled... usually it's been weather or flood related. I know she's a great kid from conversations I had with Allison and Heather, so she'll be back thru someday...

until then, look her music up and enjoy.. maybe tell a friend or too the type of music I book in my eclectic tastes...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Seth Horan... well just maybe

Well last night I was introduced to this great voice and talented bass player.... Seth Horan, by a friend of my son... yes a 20 year old can talk to me anytime about good music, and this is good music... so much so that I've reached out to a solo bass player to play at our house concert... crazy... you'll agree not after you watch these videos. (God is YouTube only five years old... I don't think I could ever do this house concert stuff without seeing artists like this live befor I book them.)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Second Supper Article

Briana did an outstanding job capturing the feel of the concert series.... Read on...

Holmen concert series brings music out of bars, into garage
People who call the Coulee Region home are no strangers to live music. In fact, throw a dart at a map of local bars on any given day of the week, and it's a near-guarantee that you'll find something aurally pleasing: a groovy blues show at Nighthawk's, a foot-stompin' jam session at The Popcorn, or a smooth jazz set at Bodega. Since January 2009, a new venue has been added to this proverbial map; a charming house snuggled up against the bluffs in northern Holmen, where Dave Schipper and his wife, Lori, invite nationally touring musicians to play a handful of house concerts a year, right in their living room.

Pull into the driveway, and you're likely to find Dave kicked back on his porch, strumming on an acoustic guitar and occasionally taking a sip out of a glass of wine. A longtime music-lover (the guy has over 3,000 albums on vinyl) and musician himself, Dave stumbled into the house concert scene almost unintentionally through social networking sites.

"I got on MySpace mainly to connect with other musicians because my hope and desire was to someday be covered as a songwriter," he explains. Meanwhile, a folk-singing friend of the Schippers was trying to raise money for a church trip to South America. When asked if they would be up for hosting a concert at their house as a fundraiser, the couple was enthusiastic to help. ....The article is no longer online (sad).. I'll look to see if I still have a hard copy.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Ray LaMontagne

No I don't think we're booking him soon, but I'm not shy if I had the opportunity to ask him, I would. Tonight I had a wonderful time talking to a beautiful soul about the concert series. While I was playing her a potential friend, Hope Waits, who might play here in the future, she alertly said, "That's a Ray LaMontagne song"... God that's what I love about music. It trascends age, sex, or cultural stereotypes. Haven't you sometimes wondered why a child loves folk music or rebels against the Eagles... it's deep seated inside our emotions and brains. So when we can connect as a culture to lyrics and chords thru a cover or just thru the pure emotion, isn't that what life is about. Put your little life in the hands of a house concert, and you may never be the same.

Cone and see...

I went to find Ray based on that little comment and WOW... I'm sure our Rose River cover band will pick up one of his songs.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pictures from Clay's concert

Melissa Kay McCarthy is a wonderful photographer in the local LaCrosse area. Not a bad singer too. I am blessed to have her becoming more of a real friend and not one of those Facebook things... HA. plus her attendance at the house concerts really ratchet up the quality of pictures. She was here for Clay's Saturday night show.