Saturday, August 21, 2010

David Stoddard & David Glaser Oct 22nd

David Stoddard... I songwriter that gets its.. he could preach, he could poke fun, he could be sad, he could be poignant, and when you're done you'll be wiping you eyes from laughter, and sighing with pleasure.

Now I never met David Glaser... and watch out for those bra straps on the accordion...

David Glaser has toured with Dan Navarro since Eric Lowen has been fallen with his disabling disease. and I'm a decent fan of Lowen and Navarro.

Introducing Barb Ryman & Mary Mack

Last night Lori & I went to a wonderful event put on by Ashley for the Arts, the Big River Wave radio show was taped with another outstanding performance by all. I of course think Mary Mack is all that she is billed as "the second funniest person in the Twin Cities"... I guess Garrison moved back. After the show, I did give Mary our house concert card and she is thinking about it. Until then, stop over to her website or just watch this video. Of course giving her a card was inspired by an idea from Joan Benson, and approved by my wife.

Mary highly recommended Barb Ryman too, so I thought I would pass it along.