Saturday, April 25, 2009

A fellow blogger had this to say...


Allison Sattinger
For the past several months, I have been listening to singer songwriter Allison Sattinger. I first found her among Terra Naomi's top MySpace friends. I figured if she was liked by one of my favorite YouTube-turned-major-label artists, I would probably like her as well. After listening to all the songs on her MySpace playlist and watching nearly every video on her YouTube account, I realized that "like" was the wrong word—I absolutely adore this woman's music.

Allison's lyrics are heartfelt and her music is piano pop with a Gospel edge. She writes about life, love, and love lost. No matter what she's singing, whether an original or cover, you always believe everything that passes her lips. Recently she did a cover of Billy Joel's "For the Longest Time" that had me in tears. Reading the comments posted beneath the YouTube video, I found I was not the only one touched by her rendition of the song.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

more to come...

Suffice to say... these pictures give you the range of emotions and songs you will get on Heather's return... classic country, raucous rock, and shy (yes even from Heather) ballads.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Allison Sattinger May 27th 7:00

In some respects, I still can't believe this woman I befriended thru myspace will be the 6th concert in our fledgling house concert series. What's that old adage, set a lofty goal, and you might achieve it? I could have that wrong, gracious ask Lori I mess up the English language more than George Bush does. So Allison coming made me want to escape the limits of MySpace to advertise the event. I'm splashing it all over, and I'm sure to hear, "A Wednesday Night?"... ah yes the fate of being a small town is not getting the big weekends but the talent... wow...., so tell me after the event that it's the best Wednesday night concert you have ever been too, and so when's the next.

Now back to Allison; here's what's on the poster:

Allison brings a soft acoustic feel that will remind you of a young Joni Mitchell on keyboards. Matt is a whiz on the guitar, and sounds a lot like Kenny Rankin. Here is one review of Allison's first cd: "Where to begin...Well, I believe I will start at the strongest point, the voice! Allison Sattinger has an incredibly strong voice, vocals laden with eloquent phrasing and power, that also approach with an amazing subtlety. She has a voice that could calm the most erratic soul, and at times be able to invoke passion and desire into her listeners." My favorites range from her gospel tinged "So Much Grace" to playful delight "Sugar Daddy" She is on a cross country 2nd CD tour. LA to PA, and Holmen has a middle date.

Now what isn't... Allison has been like family over the last two plus years of friendship thru MySpace. Just like real friends we've lived through happy and sad times, and have supported each other during both. Weird, maybe to some but Allison exudes love in her life and her blogs. She is a wonderful jewelry and leather craftsman and a big seller on Her and her husband Anthony just moved to Northern California, and her musical brother Matt and her have posted numerous wonderful videos over at so you should go watch them all. If Matt is her musical brother, I have laid claim to adopted Uncle.

I have many other lofty goals, including getting someone to cover Allison's "So Much Grace." It is a marvelous song that I think she's going to share with Tim, Paula, and Shelly singing harmony.

Finally here's a video from one of their last tours... This song is my request list: