Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Becky Schlegel Friday July 17th

Yes... It's confirmed and with my shortest time to promote... less than a month to tell you this lady, Becky Schlegel who sings as clear as Allison Krause, writes with passion, covers great country ballads, tours with a wonderful instrumentalist, and could I dare say, drop dead has a look of an angel. She and Brian are coming to the Bluff View Friday July 17th, the last summer she still lives in Minneapolis since she's moving to Nashville. I first saw her at the Great River Folk Fest in 2008. She is good... and instantly Lori and I knew we would love to host her in a concert. I have a great iTunes song of her singing a cover of Greg Brown's Early with Garrison Keilor during one of her visits to the Prairie Home Companion.

Suggested donation will be $12... and who knows if we'll have food before or after, but plan a night out at the Bluff View... weather permitting... a bonfire after outside, but don't worry the concert is INSIDE in AIR conditioning.


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