Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why a house concert?

Well the intimacy of the event will make you at first uncomfortable. You don't know why these people have opened their house, and will I look like a lush to bring a bottle of wine? Then the artist, I kind of know their music or I know nothing of their music.. both are so common in the decision anxiety. What if they suck, I'll be so noticeable if I'm bored.

Yep, I can not cure your anxieties; I have my own. What if I screw up the time again? Why don't the people I expect to show, show? Boy it would be nice if the artist had friend locally that would fill up the room. My God, what if I fart by accident... it happened 35 years ago and Lori won't let me forget it. HA.

Then think of the artist... wow, people so close they could see my pores. What if the host is a raving jerk, a controlling loud mouth? I'm sure the room will suck and the bed will be hard.

Gracious, why do these things even happen. Grace happens. We love the emotion the artist brings if the story moves fast or slow. We meet friends who both drink too much and too little, so we fit. We find out that Dave is the most gentlest soul who is in contol of his flatuence.

Now that brings me to an intimate video of a house concert with Amy Speace. I have no idea the attendance, if she wowed them with her "Love in Double Wide Trailer"... I just know I would have had a better sound system, and that I think I might want to try the wine they had.

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