Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Heather Waters Sunday Oct 4th 3:00

Heather Waters comes back to Holmen and the Bluff View Concerts October 4th at 3:00. Yes it is a Sunday but the Packers and the Vikings play on Monday night. Now back to Heather... what to say... she blew us away in the second ever Bluff View House concert. (Sue's Mark who has seen all but one, said Heather was the best one.) She came with Rich McCulley a servicable guitarist, but her voice on that old Elvis style mic took over the room. I love to compare it to what it must have been like to listen to Patsy Cline live. Heather's music is what I would classify as Americana. That's more like alternative country pop.... it just doesn't fit but I think it's better than both. She has spent time in Nashville and Boston and now resides in Los Angeles. What a spark plug too, she is a live wire and a hoot. She won't check anything at the door and you wouldn't want her to.

Heather this time is coming with Chuck Lee Bramlett who played on her wonderful CD Propeller; the CD I consider the Best CD I bought last year.... and I promise I get a lot of music.

Here's a map...

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