Saturday, August 8, 2009

Diamond in her mind

She blew away the Bluff View Concert audience away last time, and it was right after she had released Propeller. I hadn't had a chance to get it before the concert... but wow... it went on to become the Zemmy CD of the Year. This song, Diamond in your Mind was one of the finest, and it does show Heather's intelligence at finding the right song. I love to songwrite, but I know 100% of my songs aren't the best and if I had a voice like Heather's I'd be looking for material to cover. It was only today that I found it was written by the master, Tom Waits with Kathleen Brennan. I have to ask Heather where she finds her material. I know this little unkown songwriter who can't sing worth the sh.... HA.

Oh yeah, the guy in the video is the guitarist who will be touring with Heather this fall, Chuck Lee Bramlett. Next up, here is the YouTube that posted who wrote the song... boy it's fun to contrast the two versions.

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