Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Quick Update

Hey it's been a while since I let you into my life. We have our boy in college, and while I've seen hiim on weekends; it's strange not to know what's going on in his life each day.

Heather Waters is paying a return visit to Bluff View Concerts tomorrow, and I've got to get vacumming. HA... instead I'm writing this blog. Hey.. these house concerts are a great thing. They always make you nervous if anyone will show, but they seem to all work out. Heather is number eight, and I've got a few surprises for the audience and me next year. Sounds like I've got a commitment from The Pines in Jan/Feb, Tori Sparks at the end of May, and now Drew Nelson in October.... One more and I'll have the four I like to book a year. I would always try to add a close friend if they are traveling through... heck worse case scenario on a Tuesday night I might get 6 people and we'll shoot the breeze together. HA.

All kidding asside, Heather is incredible and I have a few people traveling or trying to get here from 1/2 hour to 2 hours away. Wish them luck.

Tori comes to me from a mailing and when I started watching and listening to her I said "WOW".. after I booked her Allison Sattinger also told me she's shared the stage with her and we'll love her.

The Pines... these guys just signed with Red House records. I really don't deserve booking such an up and coming act, but they're interested. We saw them at the Big Top in August during the Simply Folk Anniversary Show. One kid sings like a young Bob Dylan, and the other one has that great back woods sound that makes you want to listen to the stories. Oh yeah and their also rich in connections with Greg Brown from Iowa.

Drew Nelson... again a person who mailed me a CD and I completely fell in love with it. Great voice and great story writing in his songs, so I watched a few of his videos and I was sold.

Now the biggest change is that there are two male headliners... Ouch there goes my persona.

Now maybe someday Samantha will drive thru... it's funny, I love her music as a change, but my wife doesn't like that style. I'll have to work on that one if the opportunity arrises. HA.

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