Friday, March 8, 2013

One week to go...

As I sit here with one week to go, I'm still hoping for ten more people for the audience, but fearing 20 more.. HA.. the life of a small venue.  Watching the audience take shape is always fun, and seeing newbies, the 2-3 show experienced, and the long term supporters blend always give life to the party.

Beth Wood flew over from Oregon, and she and David have started their little Midwest tour together; this one will be special.  I was hoping by now there might be a video from one of their concerts... but there was a picture.  Tantalizing isn't it... HA.  Heck, it's just great acoustic live fun music.

March 15th Friday 7:30 at Holmen WI N7916 Bluff View Ct.  Map  and call 608.526.9051 for RSVP.

Here are some more...

And this one answered my question... even in the cold of Minnesota Beth sings barefooted.

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