Saturday, March 16, 2013

Boy I love the day after

Forget about the tearing down the sound system or moving chairs in or out, the day after a house concert normally starts with coffee the artists, Lori's Church recipe egg bake, and more stories and connections both from last night and into the future.  After they take off for the next gig, I get to putz with the recordings, (live one of a kind stuff), post pics, and this time a few videos.  AND YESSSS.

Wow Beth Wood and David Stoddard rocked last night.  Smile were abound, "Wow were talented! Now I know why Tim said that he was in love last time he saw Beth" said Jenny his wife.  Maybe that's why she showed up this time! Ha.  We had a great crowd, a quarter came because they trust us, a quarter wanted to see Beth, a quarter wanted to see David, and quarter came because they insist never to miss one of these living room concerts.

While most of the night both Beth and David supported each other's song, this fine story about a piano's history was one she just enjoyed with the rest of us.

Now this one wasn't from our house concert, but it was from one their first mini-tour and I'm so glad I got a good live recording of it from last night.  Sing it David!!

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