Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year... 2011 with fresh faces & old friends

So I am amazed that what started as an idea to help out a friend of my wife's Lori, has turned into a series that has hosted 14 different shows with 12 different headliners. Headliners... yes all have been incredibly gifted individuals. I do marvel at the fact that they have shown the faith to give us a shot, or is it the fact that they are hungry too to make connections and find new venues. 2011 already has two bookings and plenty of artists knocking on the door for a date. Fresh smiling faces of Dana & Susan Robinson (NC) on March 5th and Doug Spears (FL) on April 23rd are coming for their first visit to the LaCrosse area, though Dana & Susan have played in Winona MN just a stones throw from here.

Dana & Sue was booked without either of us ever meeting, and while that can bring apprehension it really adds to the surprise of new friendship and music kinship. And if this would drive you crazy think of what Mary Mack told me when she was asked about playing our house concert without knowing us, "well I figured they couldn't be mass murders because it wouldn't be a concert series, and they would continually lose audience." Catch up with the Robinson's at their website :

Doug Spears and I have corresponded for seemingly years thru myspace and emails, though this will be our first time meeting. He's got a great voice and a great story telling style to his song writing. He will transport you to the back roads of down south. He's also been listed on the Grammy nomination sheet, so by the time he plays here there might something else to congratulate him about. Read more about it at his website, and listen to some of his songs.

Old friends... well maybe in the fact that his and his brother's music has become part of my bones... Garnet Rogers and I have been talking about a date. Now this will be a treat. For anyone who has seen Garnet headline bigger venues this will be a chance to be up and close to a folk legend and one that has a lot of spunk and love in his craft. I guess I'm lucky that he has some friends in LaCrosse that he loves to stop and see. More to come on I'm sure. If by chance you are saying WHO?, here's a nice article on Garnet.

Lastly I leave you with a great song that is perfect prayer on New Year's Day for all those who need to have a good year.

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