Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanks for 2015, eye on 2016

Oh my what a great year for our house concert series.  All performances were either sold out or nearly sold out.  The legend Bill Staines, the playful Natalie Gelman, Kelley McRae with her big hairy guy Matthew, and then to top it off the return of the The Whiskeybelles.

Next year has all four spots committed.  Barbara Jean & Erik Koskinen are coming back in February with the agreement it's a shared set.  We love Barbara yet want to hear more of Erik stuff too.  Another legend, Michael Johnson is coming in April and he is such an entertainer.  Fall brings a shot of energy from Jillian Rae, and we've committed to Norah Rendell coming back this year with Brian Miller and Randy Gosa; who tour under the name Norah Rendell and the Lost Forty.

Here are a few favorite videos of the upcoming line up:

Erik with his rockabilly sound:

Love Barbara's video with the train shots near the Mississippi, and Erik produced it with his guitar work in the background:

Now Michael has many more songs than Bluer, but I had to include it so you can warm up your pipes for the concert:

Yes Jillian promises to rock us out with her energy:

And Norah will bring such a delightful close to the year with her smooth vocals and warm personality:

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  1. New Year's Resolution for 2016: Attend more Bluff View House Concerts! :) Missed way too many of these!