Saturday, February 21, 2015

Natalie Gelman April 10th

Twice Natalie came through the area and looked me up because she and artist within Concerts in Your Home network, and I'm a host in it; and twice it was short notice and I was booked.  BOTH times I ended up seeing her, once at The Root Note and the next time at the Elmaro Vineyard.  At the Elmaro I setup up her sound and she did stay over.  Lori, Natalie and I stayed up way past bedtime talking about stuff.  What a talented and loving soul.  This spring determined not to miss her we held a slot open until we could get a date booked.  Friday April 10th it is, and guess what, she's back at the Elmaro on Saturday... a double shot of Natalie... should be a great weekend for me, you should try NOT to miss one or the either opportunities.  The house concert will be much better because of no background noise and the room is much warmer for sound.

Obviously I could write on and on about my favorite songs of hers... why don't you check out her website at

or watch at least my most favorite video:


  1. That’s really an interesting post! I just loved reading this. I am a huge fan of Natalie Gelman. She is an amazing singer. I am working in an event planning firm and it is my desire to organize a music concert for Natalie.

    1. And she didn't disappoint... love Natalie and her music!