Saturday, November 8, 2014

Pigtown Fling String Band.

Yes... it just seems like yesterday Barbara Jean and Erik Koskinen graced the Bluff View in September... in between I had gigs, hosted Natalie Gelman for a night's stay, and went to my niece's wedding...
So this Saturday will be a great time with good talented people... and new friends.  By no means is it a full house yet, but Lori got the traditional call, "You mean it's your house?" "You mean I can bring a bottle of wine and enjoy myself?".. Yes, Yes, and more..

Truly the Pigtown Fling String Band is a wonderful acoustic eclectic group of artists that will jump from blues to bluegrass as easily as they jump from pop to country...Lori and I so have liked to watch this group and are looking forward to hosting them.  Saturday Nov 8th at the Bluff View House concerts, Holmen WI

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