Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys

Oh this will be a full concert with a lot of smiles and butts grooving in their seats... here's what others have said about Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys'
"Lindsay Lou and The Flatbellys bring new life to bluegrass. Sweet and charming vocals along with exceptional musical chops will keep you wanting more." DAVE BRUZZA - GUITARIST FOR AWARD WINNING JAMGRASS BAND, GREENSKY BLUEGRASS "Lindsay really puts her heart into what she sings and how! She sings the way you would want to if'n you could. Phrasing, tone, emotion, it's all there. Effortless seemingly. Simply mesmerizing. Riveting! Don't miss the musical force that is Lindsay Lou." DAVID GRIER - THREE TIME IBMA GUITAR PLAYER OF THE YEAR "As a vocalist, Lindsay falls into an elite category - those who can sing anything you throw their way. I've known and have been fortunate to have worked with a few of these individuals over the years: Charlie Waller, Keith Whitley, Linda Williams & Moondi Klein, to name a few and attribute that association to my having developed into a more well-rounded player. Lindsay will have that effect on the players around her as well, while she is honing her already sharp vocal skills and recording new material which should please any 'well-rounded listener'. Check her out and you'll hear for yourself what I'm saying!" JIMMY GAUDREAU - REPUTABLE MANDOLIN MAVERICK "If you are looking for ancient and soulful tones with a modern rootsy twist, that is exactly what you'll find when listening to Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys. Putting on their CD it reminds me of listening to an old 45 RPM. Each song is unique, entertaining, and flows easily into the listener's ears. Lindsay and the boys will surely win your heart!" CAROLINE COLIE - FOUNDER OF ACOUSTIC TRAIL INC., PAGOSA SPRINGS, CO Once in awhile you hear a record and think “This couldn’t be new. It sounds timeless.” When I hear Lindsay Lou sing and the Flatbellys play, I am transported to another time. Lindsay’s voice is among the most beautiful, authentic, and classic sounding you will ever hear. – JOHN BOMMARITO - ANN ARBOR'S 107ONE (WQKL-FM)

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  1. Between the first time I had seen them to now, their fan base has certainly grown. They hit the ground running in the live and local scene all over the state.
    Seattle concerts